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Facts and anwsers

Why rent and overland vehicle

Overlanding is unique! Camp places you never could before, Setup in minutes to sleep with no campgound requiered, economical to travle with minimal fuel cost, no need to pull a trailer, no RV hookups.


Show up in style! This is it the 2022 for bronco Badlands sasquatch edition! This Bronco is equiped with the high package, 10" touch scrren 360 degree cameras, marine grad vinyl seats, 2.7l eco boost v6, Automatic transmissiomn and more. we have been geting up to 18 mpg easy driving the Bronco.

Can I go Off road

We love our Overlander and want you too. We want you to get out and explore, find new things and challenge yourself. However we expect guests to treat our vehicles with care. Rock crawling or taking our vehicles to off-road parks is not allowed. Hit the dirt and forest roads but use good judgment and keep vehicles off of roads and trails that could cause damage. If you venture into an area where vehicle damage could occur you may no longer be covered by insurance. You risk losing your security deposit and being liable for all other damages. Just like if it were your own vehicle, you are responsible for all damages that occur while our vehicles are in your care. Respect private lands and stick to designated surfaces and trails.

Roof top tent

Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 Sets up in minutes. it is rated for 2 adults and 2 children. However the current roof rack with tent will only support around 450 lbs of people and gear. we will have it outfitted with a much stronger rack mid august and it will support up to 750 lbs in the tent at that time. the tent has a sturdy teloscoping ladder for support.

Rental requirements

Must be 25 years old.A $2500 refundable damage deposit requiered at departure. All Bronco reservations are subject to a criminal backgroung check. We are partnered with MBA insurance, you will be requiered to purchase a insurance policy for your reservation dates at $33 per day.

Cancelation policy and deposits

Rental deposits must be made to secure a reservation and need to be recieved within 5 days of making a reservation.(visa,master card,discover) Damage deposits requiered brfore departure ( to recieve full deposit back everything must be in the exact comdition it left in. we make no exceptions! Cancellations requier a minimum notice as stated below and must be made via email (voice msg and texts not accepted) cancellations made 30 days prior to reservation date $35 fee,laess than 30 days but more than 14 willbe charged 25% of total reservation cost, if you cancel less than 14 days but before 7 you will be charged the reservation deposit.if you cancle less than 7 days before or just dont come you are resonsable for entier reservation cost.

How far can we go?

We include 125 miles per day with each reservation, if you go over you will be charged .37 cents a mile over. At this time the Bronco must stay within 250 miles of st cloud, minnesota. anything further will requier approval.

Education on rental

We all love our Pets but they the are not allowed in the Bronco or rooftop tent. If you must travel with pets consider one of our Wolf Pup travel trailers. If we find any evidence of a pet in the units you will be charged minimum of $500.00 Thanks for understanding


Absolutly no smokinmg or Vaping in rental units. A Minumum $500 cleaning and deoderizing fee will be charged.

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